1. Joining the MPSC 48 Hours Shootout

  • This competition is open for anyone who is interested in film making.
  • The Director should be based in Cebu, Philippines.

2. Registration

  • All applicants must register online on or before September 11th, 2014 6pm.
  • MPSC will send a confirmation Email to the registered applicants before the noon of September 12th.
  • At least one representative should be present during the announcement of criteria for confirmation of participation.
  • Registration Fee of PHP 200 should be paid prior to announcement of the criteria to all contestants

3. 48 Hour Rule

  • The duration of the film must be 360 seconds (6minutes) or less.
  • The Criteria will be announced on September 12th(Friday), 8pm PHT.
  • MPSC 48 Hours Shootout will kickoff on September 12th(Friday), 8pm PHT and must be submitted on or before September 14th(Sunday), 8pm PHT.
  • The criterion specifications (e.g. Prop, Action) should be seen on-screen. Failure to comply is ground for disqualification.
  • The film maker must own the rights of all music, artwork and images used in the movie.
  • Each movie should start with a 2-second minimum opening of the MPSC 48 Hour Shootout logo. [].
  • This 2-second minimum logo opening should already be part of the total length of 360 seconds (6 minutes) time limit.
  • MPSC will not claim any rights on all entries. Film rights belong completely to the filmmaker. However, MPSC will have the option to use any of the entries for its own promotional purposes (e.g. website, paraphernalia, screenings, and ads) without the need for filmmaker’s express authorization.

4. Submission and Format

  • Final entries should be submitted in any of these formats: .mp4, .mov, and .avi. Exporting format should be on H.264.
  • Soft copy of the movie should be handed in person at: Above-The-Line Productions office (#202 Cardoc Bldg., No. 5 Mango Ave.,, Sorsogon Rd, Cebu City) between 5pm - 8pm on September 14 (Sunday).
  • All submitted entries will not be returned.

5. Screening and Awarding

  • Finalists will be announced on September 17, 2014.
  • These are the movies that will be showcased at the Binisaya Film Festival on September 20th, 2014.
  • The filmmakers of all the finalist films will be notified by email and text message of their screening schedule at the Binisaya Film Fest.
  • Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: Creativity, Technical Execution, and Audience Impact.
(Re: Prizes to be announced)

Modified: August 30th, 2014