FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

ATTN: Film Enthusiasts, Professionals, Students

WHO: Motion Picture Society of Cebu (MPSC)
WHAT: MPSC 48 Hour Shootout
September 11 (Deadline to Register)
September 12 (Criteria Announcement and Launching)
September 14 (Deadline to Submit Film)
September 20 (Screening of Finalists at Binisaya Film Festival)
WHY: Because we love movies and you do, too… yeah?

1. What is the 48 Hour Shootout?

  • The 48-HR Shootout is a challenge initiated by the Motion Picture Society of Cebu to encourage experience-based learning in storytelling. This program will gather Cebu-based filmmakers to celebrate the art and craft, as well as the joys and pains, of making movies.

    Limitations are set to push the creativity of the participating teams in the hopes of cultivating a culture of pragmatic filmmaking and collaborative storytelling.

2. How do we register?

3. Can one team submit more than one film?

  • Yes, one team can submit more than one film, but there is a registration fee for each film submission, regardless if it’s submitted by just one, same team.

4. What if we fail to register online but we can attend on the launch?

  • Registration ends on September 11, 2014. Only those who have registered online are the ones invited to the launch.

5. How many members are allowed in a team?

  • There is no limit to how many members will be in your team. However, we highly suggest that you keep it to a bare minimum of at most 8 members to make the team more manageable.

6.What are the bases for judging?

  • The short films will be based on the following: Creativity, Technical Proficiency, and Audience Impact.

7.Is the volume of Facebook likes a criterion for judging?

  • No, there is no Facebook aspect to this competition. This isn’t a popularity contest (although audience support helps). We’re more concerned of your artistry as a storyteller.

8. Who owns the rights to the finished films?

  • The filmmaker owns all the rights of their respective films. However, upon entering the Shootout, this guarantees MPSC explicit and implied authority to use the short film submissions for any marketing and promotional purposes that MPSC deems needed.

9. Do you offer financial support during the production of the movies?

  • No. We encourage resourcefulness and initiative among the teams, so it’s your responsibility to raise your own funding. However, the members of MPSC are open to do consultations with the teams, should they want to ask for advice and such.

10. Will you help in getting location permits?

  • No. Likewise, procuring your own location permits is the responsibility of the participating teams as a way to hone your line producing skills.

11. Is it necessary for all members of the team to attend the launch on September 12, 2014?

  • No, not really. Only the Director assigned to the team is required to be there, but everyone from the team is definitely invited.

12. What music are we allowed to use?

  • All music, images, and archival footage used in the short films have to be royalty-free, in the public domain, or the author of said material has given you written and explicit permission to use it.

13. Why are we required to put 2 seconds of the logo at the beginning of the movie?

  • The 2 seconds of the logo(Download here: ) at the beginning of the movie is required to properly identify each submission that it’s really made for the purpose of joining the MPSC 48 Hour Shootout.

14. Is the duration of the logo part of the movie?

  • Yes, the logo inclusion already counts as part of the length of the entire film.

15. Is there a minimum length for the short film?

  • No, there is no minimum length. We only require that you keep your short films 6 minutes and less.