10 Useful Tips Joining MPSC 48 Hour Shootout


Before the competition, test your workflow by shooting some footage, do all the needed editing work and export to the required codec. Take note on how much time the whole process require and include this in your 48 hour schedule.


Prepare many stories so you have an option on which one will work better when the criteria is announced. Focus on stories that you can shoot in one day so you’ll have enough time to edit and have Sunday morning as backup shooting time if the weather gets in the way.


Prepare your actors, locations, props, costumes, etc.. before the competition to have a better chance of completing the movie with few compromises.


With so much pressure on the day, assume that you will forget all the plans so write everything in detail. Prepare checklists, bring extra copy of the script and have a storyboard.


Prepare beforehand and bring your meals, snacks and drinks with you all the time so you don’t waste time buying and waiting for food. Hunger and dehydration will bring unnecessary tension and low moral to your set.


Let every team member know what’s the plan then update them on what’s happening now and what’s happening next. Make sure cellphones are charged and have load to avoid coordination problems.


Always double check things before you proceed to the next scene or location. Pickup shots, cutaways and reaction shots are often left out so be obsessive.


If your editing system allows it, it’s better to start editing as the shooting progresses so you can check if you are not missing shots or if you are happy with the performances.


Get enough rest the day before the competition and take as much sleep as you can within the 48 hours. The whole process will be very strenuous so keep yourself and your team healthy.


Though this is a competition, always remember that the whole point of this event is to have fun and learn. The experience of making a good movie in 48 hours is more important than the winning.